Rectangular Blue Preserved Flower Box (Zoe) — Rectangular Blue Preserved Flower Box (Zoe) Elegant Roses in Ceramic Marble Pot Elegant Roses in Ceramic Marble Pot —

Large Table Decor Pink Preserved Rectangular Money Pulling Basket (Grace)


Money and preserved flowers combo for birthday celebration, anniversary and special occasions. Preserved flowers lasts a long time and is great for table decoration, while the hidden cash poses as a surprise and can be spent. Who wouldn’t love this gift?

Flowers used: Hydrangea, banksia, fan leaves, eucalyptus leaves, cotton flowers.

DM us if you need to customise other amounts, recommended number of notes: 20 pieces.

(This item is not available for any coupon code discount)

(Preserved flowers last more than a year without any maintenance, please avoid moisture and do not place next to sunlight for longer lasting flowers).