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Large Wall Decorative Preserved Flowers Nude Shades (Freya)


This wall decorative piece consists of dried and preserved flowers attached to foam base, it measures about 80cm in length and over 90cm in height (top to bottom). Although big in size, it is a very beautiful piece displayed on blank wall, and very lightweight! All you need is 2 x medium 3M hooks which holds 1.3kg each, this beauty is about 2kg in weight.

Preserved flowers used: hydrangea, sola flower, dried palm leaf, spearheads, ming ferns, dried thistles, silk phalaenopsis, roses, wheat grass, caspia, ferns, cotton flowers, amaranthus.

Suitable for housewarming gift, shop openings, retails and event decor.

P/S: AC shown to show comparison of scale with flower size.

(Preserved flowers last more than a year without any maintenance, please avoid moisture and do not place next to sunlight for longer lasting flowers).