Pink Nudes Preserved Flowers Bloombox (Catalina) — Pink Nudes Preserved Flowers Bloombox (Catalina) 18 Stalks Tulips Bouquet 18 Stalks Tulips Bouquet —

Orange Hues Preserved Flower Bloombox (Amber)


Preserved flowers lasts a long time and is great for table decoration, there is a choice to add in monetary gift as a form of ‘red packet’. We have done up this arrangement with the choice to add in money in flower shape – consists of 6 pieces of notes without disrupting the arrangement if the receiver pulls out the money to spend. a 2 in 1 functional gift, who wouldn’t love this?

Flowers used: Hydrangea, palm cap, palm leaf, cotton flowers, ming fern, roses, bloom broom, pussy willows.

Money included here is a total of $100, 5 x $10 and 1 x $50.

Suitable for birthday and anniversary gift.

(Preserved flowers last more than a year without any maintenance, please avoid moisture and do not place next to sunlight for longer lasting flowers).